sábado, 3 de novembro de 2007

While you are discovering new places, the black gold from the mines; I’m the one who has to be waiting for the sun.
While you are distracted by the safe-warm-mediocre-love; I’m the one who has to be waiting for the dangerous-gale-passion.
While you are scared; I’m anxious - eating chocolatecigaretteswine.
While I’m trying to read the critique of the pure reason back to lack of hope; you are excited touchingseeingfellingsmelling the Brazilian history, the warm wind caressing your whitesoftface.

You are guilty, I’m the emptiness... falling in the eternity fall of my imagination.

while you are confused in the strange chaotic land; i´m confused in kant system of reason: in my ears Einstein whispers relativity.
While you will cross the ocean, sad and unhappy to be back to natural ordinary land, I’m going for another day of absurd existence in work environment.
While we both believe in be alive, alive is all possibilities. Choices will melt and disappear, time running relative to our beings.

Thousands years on four mouths, have frozen a week in our imagination. Memories will whispers good consolations and a smile will show up in our lips - 07/072007 - 07?07?3007.

Alive is possibilities of illusion of possibilities of smiles of ecstasy of adventures of boring of days of gray of red of yellow of sunmoons of eletricseas.

Brief while we feel see touch out of body. See feel touch me in others you in me for instant me you others memories transfiguration of everybody in everybody.

I send you a smile kisses will arrive

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